Precast concrete is an extremely resilient, consistent, and the strongest concrete that is extensively used in the building of mammoth edifice and viaducts. It is a kind of concrete in which elevated-potency tendons positioned in pressure areas of the cross-section are hassled through the building of the component to work against tensile stresses spawned due to practical oodles.

Precast concrete is exceedingly advantageous to build crack-free structural members and deal with contraction and temperature effects. Consequently, the ingression of unfavorable things is barred which aids in evading fortification deterioration.

The precast concrete facilitates the building of longer span girders and beams as well as augments the weight carrying capability.

Nevertheless, the building procedure in precast concrete entails wide-ranging supervision and intricate devices and gear at all steps.

Advantages of Precast Girder Slabs

  1. They significantly condense the time.
  2. They are uncomplicated and quick to install.
  3. The advantage of being cost-effective makes the girder slabs an optimum choice.
  4. Differing to usual concrete essentials, the complete concrete cross-section of precast concrete girders defies practical weight.
  5. The spans of precast girders and beams are longer in contrast to reinforced concrete.
  6. Longer span length boosts unflustered flooring room and parking conveniences.
  7. Extensive spans of girders result in lesser intersections; consequently, a smaller amount of repairs is required.
  8. It has long-term resilience and stability.
  9. Precast girders can stand a hitch of impact, stresses, shock, and vibration due to the nonexistence of crevices.
  10. Virtually, dead loads are dispassionate in precast girders. Therefore, the dead load burden of the structure is lessened which results in concentrated utilization of supplies.
  11. Precast girders and beams usually have stumpy deflection.
  12. Attenuated girder slabs are imperative for high-rise edifice as with the same amount of cost, it can construct more slabs than traditional thicker slabs.
  13. Precast concrete can be used with a pro in all those structures where pressure increases, such as tie and suspender of a bowstring girder.

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