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Girder Slabs Roofing System

Girder slabs are the most effective products used in construction as they have a capacity to hold heavy weights. It is because of its combination of steel and concrete that helps to stand the substantial structures. These are most appropriate for the medium spans, whereas, elongated spans can also be attained through innovative and distinct designs

Ittefaq Concrete Solutions is manufacturing and designing the Girder Slab Roofing System since 1986. We offer precast slabs and girders in varied sizes and sections. Our Girder Slabs can withhold 100ibs/ft^2 load of the structures. Where, our product not only stands strong against the heavy loads but because of the initial compression process of concrete the steel wires and constituents are stretched to make it inexpensive and affordable as well.

Advantages of Girder Slab Roofing System

Girder Slab Roofing System have many competitive benefits than other available alternatives. These are not only economical but also provides an aesthetic feel to the structures. It is commonly known for poultry sheds but its application is not limited to the shacks. We have successfully expanded its use in high end structures of commercial, residential and other industrial sectors structure. Some of the noticeable advantages are:


  • Readily Available
  • Movable and Reusable
  • Pretested Materials
  • Early Building Occupancy
  • Quality Assurance
  • Cost Effective and Economical

Standard Girder Slab Sections


4” ×9” &4” ×10”
5” ×12” &5” ×14”
6” ×15” &6” ×18”
7” ×18” &8” ×24”

And other Main Girders 80” & above


Up to 6.5’ long and 1.5’ wide

Ittefaq Group is a key that unlocks versatile solutions for building, designing and creating innovative products and services that meets changing market dynamics in a cost effective way.



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