While constructing, the builder must know what mode of construction he should choose and what material would be the best for a particular building according to its design and location.

What is meant by PEB?

PEB is pre-engineered buildings. PEB buildings are made up of PEB steel in Pakistan which is specially designed by PEB manufacturers, which are then shipped to the construction area. PEB buildings are also known as pre-engineered metal buildings (PEMB) as they are made up of metal steel.

How are PEB buildings constructed?

For the construction of pre-engineered buildings, you have to order different steel sheets and pillars to the manufacturing company, which are then assembled together with the help of bolts, nuts and welding different parts together. In the construction of PEB, the main framework is done at first with typical columns and rafters along with purlin and grits which supports the main framework of a pre-engineered building. Afterwards, sheets are placed with the help of cranes to ensure protection of the main framework.

What are the advantages of PEB buildings

  • Less construction duration

As most of the work is already done in the factories before the components of the building come to the construction site, pre-engineered buildings take less time duration in its construction. PEB takes around a few weeks to get fully constructed in contrast to RCC which may take several years for full construction.

  • Low maintenance

PEB buildings do not require maintenance every other month as the PEB steel used is popular for its rust resistance and do not require repairing and replacing in short intervals of time.

  • Cost effective

If we compare PEB with RCC, pre-engineered buildings are the ones which are more affordable and cost efficient as in construction of a RCC buildings cement and concrete blocks are required along with that RCC buildings demands more workers for its construction while when it comes PEB construction the only requirement is PEB steel Pakistan.

  • Durable and strong

Steel used in PEB construction is strong and durable. The buildings constructed with steel are reliable as they are resistant to storms and other extreme weather conditions.

  • Ability to expand

One can easily change the size of PEB according to their requirements and needs. Pre-engineered buildings are easily expandable in height, length and width with the addition of additional columns and rafters.

  • Unique design

The design of PEB makes them unique from the buildings we see everywhere on a daily basis. The design of PEB can be customized according to the usage of the building.

Applications of PEB

Pre-engineered buildings are not usually used for residential purposes instead they are used commonly for commercial purposes. The most common applications of PEB are in sports houses, aircraft hangers, industries, outlets, warehouses, workshops and much more.

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