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Quality Assurance & Quality Control

We dedicated to the effective and diligent implementation of the Quality Management System according to ISO 9001:2008 that leads to the continual improvement in our product and business management processes.

To attain company objectives, our top management is committed to:

  • Enable people to use their abilities for the common benefit of the organization and themselves.
  • Ensure that the company resources are managed as one cohesive process.
  • Ensure continuous improvement of its business processes
  • Ensure that the Suppliers/Subcontractor’s relationships are mutually valuable and foster strengthened quality objectives
  • Comply with all legislations, codes of practices, industry standards, and specifications.
  • Establish measureable quality targets and goals on an annual basis to support the achievement of its policy objectives.
  • Regularly review and revise this Policy to ensure it remains current and relevant.

This policy and our performance under the policy will be reviews annually as part of the Management Review to ensure continual improvement of Quality standards in the organization.

At Ittefaq, we strongly believe that the success in business begins when you become responsible towards people and nature.

We follow the Procedures

  • To achieve zero injury to workers, we believe that all the injuries can be prevented.
  • To make the work place products and practices safe and healthy
  • To efficiently use resources, preventing pollution and reducing the environmental impact of our operations and product.

To meet our commitment, we shall ensure to

  • Provide adequate training to all employees in order to achieve our HSE objectives.
  • Disseminate HSE information to our employees and visitors to our work place
  • Develop, implement, maintain and improve HSE standards and systems.
  • Apply consistently the principle of prevention.
  • Ensure practices and methodologies which are environmental friendly.

Safety can be achieved by

  • Communication leadership
  • Understanding
  • Urge teamwork
  • Recognition & empowerment

Ittefaq Group is a key that unlocks versatile solutions for building, designing and creating innovative products and services that meets changing market dynamics in a cost effective way.



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