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Precast Boundary Wall

Precast boundary wall system is effective and economical, which has become very popular over the last few decades. It is generally available in two types, H-Columns & plank boundary wall system and I-Section boundary wall with brick masonry. Usually barb wire, is used as steel fencing in boundary walls to ensure security.

Ittefaq Concrete Solutions (ICS) designs of precast boundary walls are resistant to high wind pressure. We offer dynamic application of our concrete walls that can be used in various settings, for instance, poultry, commercial areas (houses and buildings), parks and other areas for security insistence.

These are installed more quickly than regular Poured Concrete Boundary Walls and are ideal form of boundary walls. There is no need of additional labor to fix it as these are readily available to be placed on facility. The team at ICS have an assigned task force to assure quality production and supervision of precast planks and columns. We ensure high standards of quality in our production and guarantee the maintenance of it.



  • Saves Time and Man Power
  • Readily Available
  • Movable and Reusable
  • Available in Multiple Designs and Finish
  • Aesthetically Beautiful and Attractive
  • Reliable and Resistant to High Wind Pressure

Standard Boundary Wall System


I Section Columns:
4’ x 9”
4.5” x 9”

H Columns: 6” x 7”
6” x 8” 


The planks are available in many sizes including but not restricted to:

12” x 2” up to 8’ long

Ittefaq Group is a key that unlocks versatile solutions for building, designing and creating innovative products and services that meets changing market dynamics in a cost effective way.



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