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Concrete Blocks

Concrete blocks are widely used in construction as they are eco-friendly and heat resistant. These are big bricks that shapes the structures like buildings and boundary walls etc. It also used in multistory structures as it has the capacity to bear heavy load.

Ittefaq Concrete Solutions (ICS), provides two different types of concrete blocks, which are, solid and hollow blocks. We have an automated plant that produces quality concrete blocks under the supervision of expert and professional task force. They have the capacity and high strength to bear extensive pressure. They are also used as load bearing materials.

Solid blocks and hollow blocks both are environment friendly. However, the hollowness of these blocks provides good heat and sound insulation, which is highly recommended to maintain eco-friendly constructions. These are available in different strengths and can also be customized according to client needs.

Advantages of Concrete Blocks:

  • Durable and Long Lasting
  • Maximum Strength
  • Build Under Strict QC Procedures
  • Also Used in Multistory Buildings
  • Finished Sides for Lesser Thickness of Plaster
  • Hollow Blocks Provide Good Heat Insulation
  • Hollow Blocks Reduces Weight of Structure


Boundary Walls, Multistory Buildings and Structures.

Ittefaq Group is a key that unlocks versatile solutions for building, designing and creating innovative products and services that meets changing market dynamics in a cost effective way.



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