Civil work contractors have a wide scope of job responsibilities. Theirr main task is to allocate the main resources for variety of construction sites. They are technicians, labourers, manager and leaders all wrapped into oneThe main skills needed for the manager are the technical skills and they should know how to direct and lead their yearn properly. So, what are the major responsibilities of a civil work contractor during a job? We’ll be giving you a brief overview today.

1. Project planning

For a successful project execution, a good civil work contractor needs to plan out his project, be it a residential home or a commercial venture. The structural and implementation details need to be chalked out because after all, a minute detail can make or break a project. Therefore, planning truly is the key to success in civil work.

2. Determining project needs for Perfect Execution

If a civil work contractor has got his planning done, then he can easily determine the project needs and draw up estimates regarding material requirements, cost and timelines. This facilitates supply chain and enables him to furnish sub-contractors for specialized work if any. It also allows him to develop a project program for himself and his team to follow for assuring a successful project.

3. Monitoring and management

Someone wise once said, “A good manager is a good leader”. This is true for a civil contractor as well. He needs to have his hand on all the small details and aspects involved in the construction process. From supply chain to labour to scheduling and project cost analysis, he needs to have a finger in all pies. He needs team collaboration because the team who works together, succeeds together. Only then can he ensure that his work will be done to the utmost satisfaction of his client.

4. Legality and regulations

A major responsibility of the contractor is to ensure compliance with all legal rules and regulations concerning the project. All necessary permissions are required for contractor before starting the project. Payment of royalties as well as fees for any use or application of designs, methods, necessary objects and instruments, which are subject to the fees of copyright and , also needs to be considered. Regulatory compliance, thus, is an essential job responsibility.

5. Compliance with Heath, safety and environment – HSE

A civil works contractor is responsible for ensuring that health, safety and environment are duly considered in his project. After all, when HSE is first, everyone benefits from the fruits of their labour. He needs to ensure that an up to date HSE policy is communicated and complied with by to all personnel in the field and

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