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Industrial Overview

Agriculture and harvest is now an industry that survives on livestock and without it the poverty would supersede the economy of Pakistan. Therefore, the health of livestock becomes significant in the whole farming procedures to function. Well, these livestock survive on feed and these feed need to be healthy, nutritional and free from any bacteria or indigenous microorganisms present around us. The rightly batched feed is what these farm animals required for improved productivity and performance.

Automation In Feed Batching

Feed Batching is a conventional process and it exists from the beginning of farming history. The only difference is that earlier it was hand handled but time takes its toll, therefore, the same process adopted the advance techniques to make it easier and efficient.

And now with technological innovations, feed batching has been taken to a whole new level. You would see automation in feed batching in form of automated feed batching plant.

Technical Innovations In Feed Batching Plant

Feed batching is a technical process that cannot be manually satisfying anymore. It requires a professionally trained team which can carefully operate the automated equipment with expertise.

The whole process of feed batching is dependent on accurate mixing of raw materials. Which are blend together in appropriate and suitable proportions to obtain the homogenous as well as consistent mixture. The entire process supports in converting the mixture into particles of similar sizes and then put together in a single unit.


MACinn is an engineering venture designed by professional Ph.D doctors and motivated engineers in Pakistan to meet the international standards of construction machinery designs.


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