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PAVMAC Advantages

Variable Frequency Drive And Control

The motor starting current and soft start function control, prolong the life of the motor. This feature reduces mechanical accessory repair and motor damage, prolong the life of the motor and mechanical parts. The frequency converter saves about 20%-40% more power than the traditional converter.

Vibration System

Vibration table consists of dynamic table and fixed table. When vibration begin, dynamic table vibrate, static table remain static. The structure is designed to sustain the amplitude of vibration table, so as to ensure the high quality of concrete products with minimal maintenance cost.

Feeding System

Feeding frame, bottom plate and mixing blade are made of high-duty HARDOX steel which gives it extra durability. The location of bottom plate can be adjusted. Feeding system have sealing device to prevent leakage. The door of the discharging gate is controlled by the hydraulic cylinder.

Hydraulic Station

MACinn uses international brands for Hydraulic pumps and hydraulic valves. Tube uses “Flange Connection” that entails convenient installation and maintenance. Multi-point pressure detection point enables convenient detection. Motor and pump connection form good coaxial. Dynamic proportional valve and constant power pump make sure speed is uniform.


MACinn is an engineering venture designed by professional Ph.D doctors and motivated engineers in Pakistan to meet the international standards of construction machinery designs.


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