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Advantages Of MACINN’S Automated Feed Batching Plant

MACinn is the only manufacturer and designer of these state of the art Feed Batching Plants in Pakistan. We deliver and install the machinery at your worksite with the help of our expert team. Also, our machinery comes with following advantages:

  • Ensures Faster Yield
  • Cost Effective in Construction and Maintenance
  • Efficient in Operations and Processing
  • Guarantees Accuracy in Process of Batching
  • Increased Precision, Higher Productivity
  • Reduces Labor Cost

Work Force To Optimize Feed Batching Through Controlled Systems

The experienced and professional team at MACinn have introduced computerized controlled systems that has sensors to detect and monitor:

  • The Filling of Bins
  • Accurate Weighing of Batches of the Feed
  • Proper Mixing of the Raw Materials
  • Supervising the Sizes of Pellets Formed

Makin’s Feed Batching Plant comes with a software for feed formulation i-e SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition), which is installed in PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). This helps achieve the following:

  • Control the whole process through a centralized control room locally or at remote locations.
  • Supervises, collects and integrates data.
  • Interact with the devices of the machine like valves, pumps, motors and convert different environmental and eternal signals to useful electrical and mechanical actions through sensors and other devices.
  • Interacts with the user through HMI software.
  • Records and tabulates the data in a readable format.


MACinn is an engineering venture designed by professional Ph.D doctors and motivated engineers in Pakistan to meet the international standards of construction machinery designs.


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